When I started my business in 2012 it didn't take me long to realise that I didn't have a clue where my Clients were going to actually come from - but it did take me another 4 years to find a system that has enabled me to consistently sign up 2 or more Clients every single month for the past 14 months. 

In this LinkedIn Training Webinar I am going to tell you exactly how I learned to use LinkedIn to turn people who had never met me into Clients and how this enabled me to, 
  • Treble my business in less than 4 months (including December which people tell me is a terrible month for trying to sign up Clients!)
  • Achieve my income goals for the whole of 2017 by the end March. 
  • Earn more money with my business in the first quarter of 2017 than in the 18 months up to the end of 2016
  • Sign up 10 new clients over a period of 4 days in September 2017. 
So if you just can't figure out how to use Linkedin to find Clients even though you know they are on there....

If you are one of those Consultants who tell me everyday that they 'just don't get LinkedIn' (I hear you - I used to be one of you!).....

Then I invite you to invest an hour of your time with me and I will walk you through exactly what I did that has changed everything for me. 

So fill in the form, book out an hour of your time and let's do this!

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